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In January of 2012 I attended New Years Kick Off in Phoenix Arizona! This was my first experience attending a corporate event and let me tell you it was awesome! At one of the general sessions, the Isabody Challenge was being discussed. This was something that I had never considered doing because although I needed to lose weight, I didn’t need to lose a lot – so I never really considered that I would be a  contender.

Sitting right next to me was a friend and fellow consultant who whispered, “you should do it”. Of course she said this right as they were discussing how doing the challenge was something that leaders should do to inspire their teams, “speed of the leader = speed of the pack”. I whispered back “I would, I just really don’t want to have to write an essay”. After that it’s really all a blurr, I’m not sure how I even agreed to it, most likely something someone said and I found myself saying “oh alright I’ll do it!”

So on January 17th 2012 I registered for the Isabody Challenge, really not even thinking of prizes, I don’t even think I looked at the rules to tell you the truth. I did my first 30 Day Cleanse after having my second daughter between January and February. Once my 30 Day Cleanse was over I rolled right into a maintenance and started looking for a personal trainer that I could really see myself working with for the next 5-6 months.

After meeting with a few I went back to the guy that first prospected me when I was prospecting him! lol! I’m loving working out at Omar’s and I’m so glad I made the choice to work with someone who has the same values as I do. He truly loves what he does and is passionate about helping others!

I have to say so far it has been a journey and I’m having a blast! It’s funny where things like this take you, especially when you are paying attention. I’m meeting some great people and building amazing friendships that I would have never built had I not said “okay”! I’m also learning a lot more about myself, like how strong I really am and how much further my body can push if I just allow it the opportunity.

I plan on posting my progress for all to see as we go forward into summer, starting today. Here are my before and after pictures for my 30 Day Cleanse (Jan17-Feb 17). This was strictly a 30 Day Cleanse and working out from home before starting with a personal trainer.

Check back on my progress from February through until April!




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Isabody Final Essay Submission

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Here is my essay from my first isaBody competition submission, the video I made compliments the essay, which I’ve embedded at the bottom of the posting.



I feel the ability to see one’s true self at times can be masked by pain, trauma, denial or all of the above. I was in denial for many years. Even after my daughter and I almost died while I was giving birth to her, I couldn’t see the red flags past the pain. It took me thinking I was having a heart attack to finally see. To wake up and really look beyond my emotions, what did I do to myself? How did I get here? When I looked in the mirror and saw myself, I didn’t recognize who I was, nor did I like what I saw. I wept for the years that I’d lost and looked for help.

My aunt talked to me about Isagenix. I asked my mother to join me, and in turn she asked her sister. We started our journey with Isagenix enthusiastic and hopeful. I was hopeful for change. I read stories of weight loss, increased energy and the emotional happiness this all created. I saw the before and after photos, I wanted that for myself. I wanted that smile, that proud glow. I wanted so badly to feel that happiness for myself.

I have always given my heart to my husband and my daughter. Always putting their needs above my own, making sure they had everything they ever wanted or needed. My husband and I would take my daughter to the park, and I would be far behind them out of breath. I’d have to sit while they played together, waving and secretly crying inside because I couldn’t get up to play.

Now it was my turn to take care of myself. As I drank the shakes, took the products and cleansed my body of my toxins, something inside me started to change. After going through the withdrawal from my fast food addictions, my energy levels skyrocketed.

The weight flowed off of me, which allowed me to work out harder and better. I completed workouts with a trainer, bootcamps and completed charity races. Week after week, I watched my body shed weight and tone up. The change I had been praying for was happening right before my eyes.

The best day of this journey was the day my two-year-old daughter was watching me work out. From behind the screen door, I heard her little voice say, “Go mommy go! You exercise…I love you!” Those simple words cut to my soul and embraced my heart. Tears streamed down my face. I was now a role model for my daughter. I was teaching her about good health, nutrition and body love. No longer was I sitting on the sidelines of her life, but someone she looked up to and cheered on: “Go mommy go! You can do it!”

Isagenix has given me the life I dreamed and prayed for. Not only has it helped me unmask the love I’ve always had, but also the ability to see myself for who I truly am: beautiful.





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