Community Service Student Essay Topics

I have always wanted to have my own talk show, so I’m just going to pretend that I have one right now.

Hello faithful audience and at-home viewers! Welcome to The Alison Show! Today we are going to be discussing a serious topic, one that will give you great life experiences, impressive things to put on your college application, wonderful essay topics, and great life experiences! It is… drum roll please…Community Service!

To start off, I confess that the single greatest thing I have ever done in high school was become involved in service.

At my high school, we are required to complete a certain number of service hours each year, but once I got involved my freshman year, I couldn’t stop. This year I have come to realize that, in the oh-so-wise words of Ke$ha, community service is my drug.

On one service trip in particular, I traveled to the scary concrete jungle that is downtown Indianapolis in the 100 degree summer heat to distribute cold water and food to the homeless. I admit there were a few awkward encounters, a few rude people, and I was absolutely petrified. Offering someone water that wasn’t homeless was my main fear. In hindsight, what could a water bottle really insinuate?

I came across two men waiting for the bus, and I asked them if they wanted some water bottles or perhaps a granola bar. They graciously accepted and kept repeating how blessed they were. They called my friends and I “beautiful people,” and struck up a conversation with us. One man told us he had attended Purdue University, which was such an eye-opening revelation. I had always thought homeless people were in their situation because they had not gone to college and were essentially dead beats, but I was so wrong.

This service experience really altered my life. Just a small conversation gave me more respect for those living on the streets, and I have been friendly and warm to the majority of homeless people I encounter.

Community service offers so wonderful great life experiences, not to mention, looks great on college and scholarship applications. Showing involvement in community service will make you seem well-rounded and, more importantly, make you well-rounded. Service experiences are some of the easiest essay topics to write about and are fun and worthwhile.

Here are some super awesome ideas for volunteering that came right off the top of my very head (which houses a very large brain, just in case you were wondering):
1. Volunteer at an animal shelter
2. Lead a toy drive, food drive, etc. at your school
3. Work at a food pantry
4. Volunteer at a hospital to read to kids or visit with patients who have not had any visitors
5. Visit a nursing home and hang with the elderly
6. Visit these sites for more ideas! DoSomething and VolunteerMatch.

Thanks for watching The Alison Show and I hope to see you all next time! Audience claps wildly as Alison shakes hands, dances, kisses babies and throws free money into the air.

What meaningful community service experiences have you had?

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The Top 10 Great Essay Topics On Community Service

Whether you are taking a course in high school or college, you are bound to receive an assignment to write a research paper. Depending on the course you are taking, you will have to choose a topic before you can do any work on the project. If you have complete freedom in choosing a topic, community service is a broad category that is full of interesting ideas. Here are the top 10 essay topics for anyone who is writing a research paper about community service:

  1. Should high school students be required to complete community service hours in order to graduate? There are many community schools that have been debating this topic for many years. As the idea goes in and out of style, one thing is certain: high school learn more when they volunteer at a local organization than they often learn in the classroom.
  2. Is community service a proper punishment for some crimes? Some people say that the punishment should fit the crime, but is community service a punishment? Many people see it as an enjoyable way to give back to a community.
  3. What group of people is the most likely to do community service work? Why? Working adults often do not have time to give back to their community, but some are finding unique ways to do so.
  4. Professional athletes should be required to give to community service organizations in their hometown or team town. With all of the money and off-season time, many people believe that professional athletes should set the bar for the rest of the community.
  5. Does donating money count as community service? If you cannot give your time, is money acceptable?
  6. What happens when a community service organization goes wrong? Some organizations end up abusing the system and it can hurt the volunteers and the people they help.
  7. What community service organizations are the most vital to a properly functioning community? Health care? Food banks? Child care? Teen programs? Who is to say what is necessary?
  8. Are charter schools community service organizations? Public schools are non-profit agencies that can benefit from people giving time, but what about the fact that most charter schools are for-profit institutions?
  9. Are there too many community service organizations? How are people supposed to know about them all? What is the saturation point?
  10. Do volunteer hours help students find paying jobs? Why or why not?

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