Jimbo Fisher Lsu Dream Job Essay

Here we go again. More Jimbo Fisher rumors, this time about Texas A&M.

I’ll admit as an FSU fan and graduate, I’m torn.

I’ve just about had enough of Jimbo Fisher’s wandering eye. He reminds me of a Kardashian. He loves the attention that comes with his name being mentioned for coaching vacancies.

Where do you think those rumors get started? In the office of Fisher’s agent Jimmy Sexton, and they wouldn’t start if Fisher wasn’t on board with Sexton starting them.

The big difference this year between year’s past when Fisher’s name was connected to openings at Texas, Auburn, LSU – twice – and just about every other major job to come open in the last decade, the Seminoles are 3-6.

Over a month ago, I was verbally destroyed by Seminole fans when I said on my radio show on 1010XL in Jacksonville and tweeted that if Texas AM called Fisher, he could very easily leave. Now, the national media has picked up on it. The yearly, “is Jimbo leaving” conversation has hit Tallahassee.

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For the last 10 years, if you include when Fisher was FSU’s offensive coordinator and head-coach-in-waiting, I’ve constantly discussed why Fisher needs state definitely and publicly that FSU is a dream job – his dream job – and for him to stop holding the Seminoles hostage each off-season.

I’m not going to repeat myself for the 11th year, instead, this is a message to Texas A&M if Fisher goes to College Station. Here’s what to expect.

First, Fisher is a great quarterback coach – one of the best in the country. He has sent Christian Ponder, E.J. Manuel and Jameis Winston to the NFL where each was selected in the first round.

He’s won a national championship.

He won 29 games in a row.

He has recruited as well as any coach in college football not named Nick Saban.

Fisher is loyal. He can be loyal to a fault.

LSU and Georgia fans are both delusional and arrogant if they truly believe they can ditch their highly successful coaches – Les Miles and Mark Richt – and simply hire Jimbo Fisher away from Florida State.

Memo to you SEC snobs: The Florida State job is better than the jobs at either LSU or Georgia.

Fisher already makes more than $5 million a year at FSU, which puts him behind only Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Jim Harbaugh and Bob Stoops in the college football financial hierarchy. Why would he leave a place where he’s paid so handsomely and has a much easier path to a national championship than he would at LSU or Georgia – two programs where the fans are so spoiled that they want to fire coaches who win nearly 80 percent of their games?

The reason we bring this up is because former Sentinel reporter Joe Schad of ESPN is reporting that there's a "good possibility" LSU buys out Miles' contract and sends the Mad Hatter packing. Naturally, Jimbo's name gets tossed out as a candidate to take the LSU job since he was the offensive coordinator under Nick Saban when Saban led LSU to the national title in 2003.


This is the height of SEC pomposity.

Why would Fisher want to take a job at LSU, where he would immediately have to be better than Miles, who has won a national championship and two SEC championships and averaged 10 wins per season while cranking out 64 NFL draft picks? Miles has a 110-32 record at LSU, and his .775 winning percentage is the best of any LSU coach in the past century. And, yes, that includes Saban, who had a .750 winning percentage at LSU.  And, by the way, Miles has a 60-27 career record in SEC play and is on the verge of landing perhaps the No. 1 recruiting class in the country.


Does anybody really believe Jimbo wants to step into the SEC meat grinder when he’s thriving at FSU, where he's built an SEC-type program in a much more accommodating ACC.

Don't ever forget why FSU joined the ACC in the first place. I’ve written it before and I’ll reiterate it here:

The iconic Bobby Bowden knew best in the early 1990s when Florida State was being simultaneously courted by the SEC and the ACC. In fact, Bobby made a boxing analogy and compared the ACC to the tomato cans that the aging, overweight George Foreman was beating up on at the time in his quest to regain the heavyweight championship.

"I'm like George Foreman," Bowden said then. "I like to pick those unranked guys out and fight 'em. Ol' George is out there knocking out these no-names, but he'll be fighting for the heavyweight championship directly.

"Everybody just assumed ol' Bobby was raised in the heart of the SEC, so naturally he's going to want to jump right in. Maybe I know too much about the SEC to want to join up," Bobby added.

Back then, we called Bobby a chicken, but now we realize he was just being a wise old bird. Florida State became a dynastic, dynamic national championship program by beating up on the ACC for all those years while the SEC was beating up on each other.

Now let's fast forward to the present.

If LSU administrators are  going to fire a coach as successful as Miles, they better have have a superior replacement ready to take the job.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe Jimbo would be a superior replacement, but anybody who thinks he’s ready to leave Tallahassee is just being silly and nonsensical.

You know it, I know it, Jimbo knows it  ... and Bobby Bowden knew it:

Quite frankly, the FSU job is better than any job in the SEC.

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