Victoria College University Of Toronto Application Essay

Apply to Vic One

The Vic One Application is now open.

Application Deadline: Sunday, March 18th, 2018

Thank you for your interest in Vic One!


A separate application is required for admission to the Vic One program. Students who have applied to the Faculty of Arts & Science on the St. George Campus are eligible to apply. You do not have to apply to Victoria College in order to be considered for Vic One, we happily accept applications from all first-year students.

Applications should be submitted by the posted deadline, do not wait until you have received a response from U of T before completing the Vic One application.. Late applications may be accepted, depending on the number of applications received. Please contact for more information

Click here for eligibility information and detailed instructions

for completing the Vic One Application.

Review of Application: 

1. Describe 3 extracurricular activities that have enriched you over the past year.

2. When you select your stream of interest, a stream-specific short essay question will appear.

3. A personal statement which must include reasons for being interested in the Vic One program and the selected stream of study.

Selection Process:

We assess all applicants individually based upon their Vic One application and academic record. The selection process for Vic One is entirely separate from the selection process at Victoria College. As such, if you are selected for one, you may or may not be selected for the other.

Contact Judy Jia at

Step 1

> Apply to the University of Toronto, St. George Campus on the OUAC website.
> *Select from the listed fields of study:
- Humanities
- Social Sciences
- Life Sciences
- Math & Physical Sciences
> **Rank Colleges.
Only students who select Victoria College as their first choice on OUAC will be considered. (BUT you do not have to be a Vic student to be eligible for Vic One.)

*Check out U of T's Guide to the College System

Step 2

> Wait for "application acknowledgement" package from U of T, which will have your 10-digit U of T applicant number (starting with "100") and your JOINid (of the form "abcdefg1").

Your U of T applicant # will be used for any future contact with U of T. Your U of T applicant # and JOINid will be used to set up your JOINid account. This will provide access to the U of T applicant community pages and status check.

Congratulations! you are well on your way!
Now for the next part...

If you ranked Vic first on OUAC you must also complete the Vic Profile to be considered for Victoria College.

Step 5

> Choose Vic One Stream of Study and complete Vic One application by the posted deadline.
> Select only one stream of study.

Once you have chosen a stream, you will be given a stream-specific essay question. If you choose to respond to a different question, you are applying to a different stream.

> There is no autosave functionality, so compose essay responses elsewhere and cut-paste into the application.
> All submissions are final, once you hit "SUBMIT" you can't go back.

Step 6

Submit your online application.

**If you don't click SUBMIT, your application will not be received or considered.**

Note that U of T and College decisions are not linked to decisions made by Vic One.

Step 10

> Wait some more...
> Vic One decisions will be sent separately via EMAIL, so make sure you check yours regularly.

First round of Vic One admissions are sent in mid-April.

You made it!
Welcome to Vic One!

(*) If you change your mind, please let us know as soon as possible at <>.

Have questions about applying to Vic One? Check out our FAQ or email your questions to <>.

Step 3

> Using your U of T applicant number, register an account on the Vic College page.

Step 4

> Select Vic One Application from the available options.

Step 7

> Check your email account for a confirmation message of successful submission.

Step 8

> Wait patiently...

Step 9

> Check the status of your U of T application on JOINid.

Step 11

> Respond to U of T's offer on OUAC AND respond to the Vic One offer as instructed. (*)

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