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'My father would never have taken Christ out of Christmas': Daughter of Thomas the Tank Engine creator slams politically correct 'holiday' episode

  • Rev W Awdry 'was a priest first and children's author second'
  • Programme talks of 'winter holidays' and 'holiday tree'

By Lucy Buckland
Updated: 22:00 GMT, 10 October 2011

Hilary Fortnam, 65, said her father Rev W Awdry (pictured) was the son of a vicar and brought her and her sister and brother up in the traditions of the Church of England

The clergyman who wrote the Thomas The Tank Engine books would be insulted by a new TV episode which ditches all references to Christmas, says his daughter.

Hilary Fortnam made her comments after the television company that records the new adventures re-branded Christmas as 'the holidays'.

Mrs Fortnam, 65, said her father Rev W Awdry was the son of a vicar and brought her and her sister and brother up in the traditions of the Church of England.

In a letter to The Daily Telegraph Ms Fortnam said: 'He would feel very strongly about this politically correct age and that those who now wrote his stories should not have taken Christ out of Christmas.

'He was a priest first and children's author second.'

In Keeping Up With James, the offending episode, the trains compete to carry gifts to children against a backdrop of a decorated tree.

But to bypass the word Christmas, the programme talks of 'winter holidays' and a 'holiday tree'.

Mrs Fortnam (right) with sister Veronica and brother Christopher said their father would be distressed at the removal of religious references from his stories

Mrs Fortnam said she was concerned people would think it was her father who had ditched Christmas. 

She told The Daily Telegraph: 'It's frustrating to me because I don't want people thinking my father write those words. I don't want people thinking a vicar would write that.'

Mrs Fortnam, her sister Veronica and brother Christopher would help their father with storylines when they were growing up.

Their father would often try out new material after dinner and if they didn't like the stories, he would go back to the drawing board.

Rev Awdry wrote 26 books between 1945 and 1972 and his son Christopher, who they were originally crafted for, then took over the writing, completing another 42.

Hit Entertainment, who produce the television series and spin-odd books, had even tried to rename the Fat Controller in the past, in case it offended obese viewers.

The company, headed by former marketing director Jeffrey Dunn, said all references to Christmas were removed because the DVD would be sold all year round.

In the offending episode, the trains compete to carry gifts to children against a backdrop of a decorated tree (pictured). But to bypass the word Christmas, the programme talks of 'winter holidays' and a 'holiday tree'

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