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Journal of Food Safety and Hygiene (JFSH) is a peer-reviewed journal published quarterly and publishes Food Safety and Hygiene experiences in English Language. Journal of Food Safety and Hygieneaims to publish manuscripts of a high scientific quality representing original research papers. Short communication and high quality review papers on all aspects of the science of food safety and hygiene. Papers in English are welcomed, particularly those which bring novel information and research. All received manuscripts coving the scope of the journal will be evaluated by properly competent referees. The goal of this journal is to induce a research relation and to promote study, research and the improvement of knowledge among the specialistsThe main topics the Journal would welcome are: Food safet, Food analysis and components, Cancer and food, Food packaging materials and concerns, Food preservation and processing, Cereals, fruits and vegetables in human health, Environmental contaminants in food, Natural toxins in food, Microbial food poisoning and infection, Food infestation, Food allergens and diseases, Climate change and food safety, Food spoilage issues, Food safety and bioterrorism, Animal nutrition and food safety, Food additives, Antioxidants and phytochemicals in food, Sanitation in food industry, Food safety and hygiene in hospitals, Safety and hygiene in food chain, Food safety and hygiene in disaster and emergency, Feed medicinal plants, Food and drug interactions, Bottled water safety.

Vol 2, No 3/4 (2016): Summer & Autumn

Table of Contents

Review Article(s)

Advanced techniques for food preservation
Adeel Hassan, Ali Hussain, Faiza Jabeen, Maleeha Manzoord, Zahida Nasreene Pages: 47-53

Original Article(s)

The effect of ethanolic extract of walnut thin shell on the growth of Aspergillus spp.
Fereshteh Ahmadi, Sassan Rezaie, Ebrahim Molaee Aghaee, Parisa Sadighara, Ehsan Haghi Pages: 84-89
Evaluation of possible human exposure to metals in chicken-livers obtained from market in Mafikeng, South Africa
Raymond Limen Njinga, Hilma Rantilla Amwele, Kalumbu Gideon Pendapala, Victor Makondelele Tshivhase, Motsei Lebogang, Kgabi Nnenesi Anna Pages: 95-103


Slavin 1Jon SlavinMs. Gardner English Honors 10May 3, 2015Prohibited Poultryn 2012, the !S"# $!nited States "e%art&ent o' #gri(ulture) dis(overed the sour(e o' a *ides%read sal&onella outbrea+. n ust a year, the &eat distributor -oster -ar&s issued a re(all on &illions o' %ounds o' &eat that (aused over 00 illnesses in 2/ states, in(luding Puerto i(o, re%orted Mary Jaloni(+ o' the #sso(iated Press. his (aused the !S"# to overhaul their 50 year old %oultry ins%e(tion guidelines and loo+ a little (loser at the situation. hat they 'ound *as devastating over 5,000 illnesses annually (ould be tra(ed ba(+ to distributors li+e -oster -ar&s. llnesses that are not visible to the na+ed eye, li+e the in'a&ous sal&onella, *ent unnoti(ed under the *at(h o' a !S"# ins%e(tor, standing in one %la(e on the line, %erusing 'or visual de'e(ts $Jaloni(+).So&e say that the 'ood industry has been ruined, and %rodu(ts li+e &eat and dairy are no longer sa'e 'or us to (onsu&e, yet there are still those *ho o%%ose this, (lai&ing that the 'ood is  %er'e(tly 'ine. #'ter all, i' *e4re all still alive, it4s got to be sa'e enough to eat, right rong.!n'ortunately, the a'ore&entioned de(laration is one that is in 'ar too &any #&eri(ans6 &inds, and it is a sube(t that *e &ust all ta+e a side on to ensure the (leanliness o' our 'ood. he average #&eri(an has a %ro(livity to buy large a&ounts o' &eat $though that nu&ber is dro%%ing) so it is i&&ensely i&%ortant that *e #&eri(ans, even the vegetarians, investigate 'oodsa'ety. ' there a%%ears to be a %roble& in the &eat industry, there (ould be a %roble& *ith the

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