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Political Science

Political Science has become quite the favored class in high schools and universities. With the ever-changing world and fluid governments existing worldwide, it is fun to watch the political picture. Political science is defined as the study of politics and government in the national, state, and international sectors. Political Science includes economics, law, sociology, history, anthropology, psychology, political theory and concepts, and international law and concepts, and many other genres.

At the national level when studying the politics of the United States, the course would start with a review of the Articles f Confederation and the Constitution. A complete understanding of the Bill of Rights is important. The Electoral College versus the popular vote would need to be reviewed. Each of the three branches, executive, judicial, and legislative, have to be understood. The House of Representatives and Senate would be explored. American History classes and parts of Civics class would cover these subjects.

At a state level in the Unites States, one would study the working government as well as the different town and city government bodies. Town councils and town meetings are important to people having representation and having a voice. Some areas at state level do not have counties, but they instead have parishes. A working knowledge of all the units compromising a state government and operations would be part of a state government course of study. Make sure to explore the state’s rights and how the federal government affects those rights. The Civil War would be a good model for this topic.

International laws and governments are important. A look at the British monarchy, the rule in Cuba, the unrest in ruling in Syria, and the democracy in the United States would be a good starting point. Amnesty International and the United Nations and its powers would be a large component of an international law or international government class.

The study and field of Political Science is quite broad. It covers many spectrums such as history, law, economics, government, civics, and psychology. The field of politics and law relative to these fields is important as well. Then the case studies and experiments studied in psychology and sociology also fall under the field of Political Science. The study is broad and quite extensive, but certainly an adventure to immerse in at the high school and at the college level. The odds are very great, you will take and you will enjoy some of these classes.

Political Violence In Contemporary World


Political violence has existed since the days of the tribes when fighting to gain land was common. History has witnessed the perpetration of unthinkable political crimes in the name of ideology, nationalism, religion, etc. Political violence in the context of the contemporary world is very sophisticated, keeping up with the current advances in technology. We will discuss some of the reasons for the ongoing political unrests in some parts of the world and try to find out how to mitigate them. However, this delineation of reasons does not justify the occurrence of political violence globally.

One of the major threats to global peace has always been to establish and propagate one’s cultural identity. But it has taken a new meaning in the recent years as Islamic extremism has been blown out of proportions. There has been an exponential increase in terrorism throughout the world caused by the so called Islamic groups. One prime example is 9/11. It has been analyzed that Islam has generated more disorder in the last decade than all the events put together in the last century.

Another reason for the insurgency is the deprivation and impoverishment of the masses at the hands of political leaders. Highly indebted countries and poor states will give birth to dissatisfied and hungry people who in turn will resort to violence for gaining security, food and special rights first in their family and then for their society. This can be seen first hand in many of the African Countries where food is scanty and population is huge. There have been many exponents of Political Science who have tried to theorize the many elements of “Political Violence” to try and find solutions to end it. But it is easier said than done. Imbibing the culture of tolerance in people is one way of achieving peace in society. Another way is for media to exercise control on the spreading of news on terrorism. It makes always exciting news to hear about terrorist activities. Propaganda by the media fuels terrorists more than anything else leading to the occurrence of such events in the future.


To end global unrest due to politics is a pipe dream right now. But, measures must be taken to see that in the name of revolution and cultural identity, innocent lives are not lost. There have been great political leaders in the past like Gandhi & Nelson Mandela, who have used non-violent means to protest against the central authorities and such means should be encouraged.

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