French Lesson 38 Homework

If you're already comfortable with the basics of French and want to develop your vocabulary and understanding of grammar further, this intermediate course from the Coffee Break Academy is for you.

An outline of the course

Coffee Break French Season 3 focuses on language development through a fictional story involving three characters who happen to be learning French in a language school in Nice on the Côte d'Azur. There's Katie, an American student who is currently spending a year travelling, working and learning in different European countries; Veronica is a forty-something Australian entrepreneur who is taking advantage of an extended business trip to the south of France to improve her language skills; and Alf, a retired teacher from the Home Counties. 

As part of their weekly homework, our three characters have to keep a diary of their time spent in France, so over the forty lessons of the course you'll be following their adventures in Nice and the surrounding area. In each episode you'll listen to a native speaker read Katie, Veronica or Alf's diary entry (which, of course, has been corrected by Mme Soulabaille, their teacher!) and your teacher, Mark, will talk about some of the language covered in the passages.

The language used in the diary entries provides you with many opportunities to build your own understanding, increase your vocabulary and become familiar with complex grammatical structures.

Линейная мутация. И все-таки он пошел в обход. Интересно, о чем он. У Бринкерхоффа подогнулись колени. Он не мог понять, почему Мидж всегда права.

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