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The field of physics is vast with many viable research paper topics. Consider the following ten perfect topics:

  • The Effects of Friction
  • The Atmosphere
  • The atmosphere is a layer of gases that surround the entire planet, and are held in place by gravitational forces. The atmosphere is the only reason that life is sustainable on planet Earth. All students of earth and space science will learn about the “atmosphere” that surrounds the planet. They will usually come to understand how it offers protection from solar radiation and ultraviolet light, and how it helps to keep the planet warm and hospitable through the greenhouse effect

  • Electronic Circuit Theory
  • Motion
  • Study of motion involves the varied quantities which are used to characterize the physical world. Some of these quantities include acceleration, distance, displacement, energy, force, mass, momentum, power, speed, velocity and work. They can be divided accordingly into vectors and scalars. A vector quantity is one that is determined by both magnitude and direction. The scalar quantity, however, is determined by its magnitude. The focal point of this unit is to recognize the fundamentals about vectors and apply them accordingly to comprehend forces and motion occurring in two dimensions.

  • Momentum
  • In sports, momentum is a commonly used term. An individual that possess the momentum is progressing and takes effort to stop. Similarly, an individual with a lot of momentum is rising quickly and will be difficult to stop. Momentum refers to the quantity of motion possessed by an object. If something is in motion then it can be said that it has momentum.

  • Kinetic Energy
  • The energy of motion is called the Kinetic energy. Any object with motion, whether vertical or horizontal, is said to have kinetic energy. Kinetic energy appears in various forms such as being vibrational, rotational and translational.

  • Reflection
  • Electric Field and Movement of Charge
  • There are many topics within physics and one of them is movement and electric fields. It is imperative that we have an understanding of electric fields because we find them in everyday life and the items we use in the household. The development of electric circuits is probably one of the most purposeful but overshadowed accomplishments of recent centuries. Flow of charge through wires enables us to perform activities such as cooking, lighting homes and entertainment.

  • Projectile Motion
  • Light Waves
  • Light waves with a range of frequencies are emitted by the sun. Some of such frequencies, which are within visible light spectrum, can be detectable by the human eye. Sunlight appears to be white because it consists of light within range of visible light frequencies. The visible white light illuminates areas that are outdoors and also the atmosphere surrounding our planet. When interaction of visible light and matter occurs, it often results in the absorption of specific frequencies of light. Those frequencies that not absorbed are either transmitted or reflected.

    Let Your Grade 12 Students Leave High School Thinking Modern Physics is Fun…

    March 12, 2016 Filed in: Articles

    Sandy Evans, Northview Heights Secondary School

    I used to have our Grade 12 Physics students write a research paper on a Modern Physics topic; however this year I decided to let them do something more creative. They ended up really having fun with the assignment and it was A LOT more fun to mark than 50 essays. They were told about this assignment and their Rube Goldberg Build assignment at the beginning of the semester but the Modern Physics Creative Piece was not due until one week before exams.

    They had to select a Modern Physics topic and create an entertaining method/platform to convey certain information. The method could be a storybook, a rap song, a poem, an entertaining short video, or any creative platform that they thought would be entertaining. They were told that PowerPoints are not an entertaining platform. They were given a list of possible topics although they were allowed to choose their own topic with approval from the teacher. Some of the possible topics were: superconductivity, quantum computing, quantum entanglement, uncertainty principle, dark matter, multiverses, time travel, and general relativity.

    The rubric rated them on;
    • Creativity
    • Information and Simplicity (non-physics person could understand the basics of the technology from the platform)
    • Applications of the Technology (present/potential future)
    • Possible Obstacles
    • Quality (which included APA listed references)

    I did not have everyone present their platform out loud to the class since I remember way back in my day when teachers used to make us sit through full classes of presentations and by the third presentation I was ready to escape. However, for some of the most entertaining ones I asked the student if they would mind if we shared it. We ended up sharing about 2-3 in each class and we had a fantastic time watching them! Some of the rap songs were hilarious. The students said they really enjoyed the assignment.


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